Welcome to the Deeper Side

My daughter holding crabs from Willows Beach.  They scuttled off her hand seconds later.

I am dreaming of a confident world…

Where we take responsibility for our actions, towards each other and towards the Earth from which we draw sustenance.

We are all connected to each other and the commonality of experience. I want to share this experience.

I am a copious unpublished writer but never have used the blog format.  What has motivated me to use this platform?   Why now, you may wonder?

Two weeks back I heard both Dr. Vandana Shiva and Rob Stewart speak here in Vancouver and Victoria.  I have since lain awake at night wondering how can *I* change the world?  How can I stop the poisoning of the bees and birds – and humans!?  Me? stop the rising acidity of the oceans which is killing the life in the oceans?!   ‘I am just one voice, how can I make a difference?’ I’ve been hand-wringing, wondering what to do?  I’m not an “activist”.  But if I don’t do something, how can I live with my conscience?  I can’t.

Then yesterday, thanks to Nathalie Chambers, I read “What Kind of World do you Want?” by Jim Lord.  From the turmoil of the last two weeks, I am  now confident that the only way to better our word is to envision it.  I’m seeing the change, seeing the ability.  My projections over the past weeks and my desires to be the change actually materialized when I was asked to join the Advisory Board of the University of Victoria’s School of Environmental Studies.  I am searching for projects to help raise our collective awareness and create an shift of understanding.

Today Boston was bombed.

I’m praying.  I’m focusing on all that is right is the world, because the world is full of way more good than evil.  Our hearts are full of love, let them overflow.  Let our eyes be blinded by the greatness in every being.  Let our noble ideals become our reality.  See it, project it, create it.

I envision a world where due respect given to all life on our planet, from plankton to primates.  A world where we find heroism in the smallest act of kindness.  A world where we laugh at the joyful and the ridiculous.  Where we find strength in love, in the righteous and revert to the golden rule on this convoluted path of life.

Welcome to the Deeper Side, where you will find what’s been brewing in my mind’s recesses: curiosities and experiments, events and musings, anecdotes and projects, music I’m recording and books I’ve been writing.  I’ll probably skim upon strange expressions of style and cross several fine lines of folly. Like me and my interests, this blog will hop, flutter, fly all over the place.  I place my trust in the idea that the superficially different, the disparate and disjointed buds of inspiration will flower into a more-meaningful, a more profound sense of understanding.

Join me.

Love Deeps

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Deeper Side

  1. Trish Millhouse Walter

    Hi, Deepa,Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You are not alone. Just last week I accepted a position at a non-profit on the south side of Chicago called Corazon a corazon (you know what that means). In preparation for the position I had to envision change. I had to invent activities and rubrics that could help build community or rather bridge communities here in this very rough and edgy southside neighbourhood. (I guess you are aware of the rise in crime and children at risk in Chicago.) My humble opinion is to 1- envision the change and 2- start local Take your vision to your neighbourhood and then province and then country and then continent and so on…. We are visionaries but action is the agent of change. Prior to applying for the non-profit position, I was irritated by the rise in crime. I felt unsafe on my street. I knew that moving north of town was an option; though a rather false sense of security it would provide. Instead I stayed here. Corazon a corazon is 20 minutes south of Hyde Park on public transit. It is a rough ride but if we want change, we need to act the change that we envision. Trish


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