Pigs in Spas

I envision a world where every little piggie can have a date at the spa too.

                    “Go to sleep little piggy and remember that not everyone ends up as cured ham.”
                                        – translated from Susy Bellucci’s song Dormi Dormi  Maialino
Jeanny Tsai, documentary film-maker
Yesterday I got this email from my friend Jeanny:
Wanted to let you know that the documentary series “Spoiled Rotten Pets” that I directed/ produced in late 2012 is premiering on the National Geographic Wild Channel this April 20th at 9pm. It’s a fun, irreverent, and educational program filled with quirky animal and human characters hosted by the lovely Beth Stern. The first episode stars two pot bellied pigs who are sent on a retreat by their owners to the only pig spa in the US! There are other stories interwoven into the episode that will be sure to delight/amuse you!
It’s a project that I loved directing and hope you enjoy it too!!
Here are some short clips and more info below!


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