Two Big Reasons to Smile this Week

Focusing on the positive, holding to ideals, standing up for common sense.

I think that’s the only way to make change.

Are you a letter-writer and petition-signer?  (I am).  And boy is it ever so SO much easier now than in the past!  This week, I felt that some part of my typing and clicking away helped bring positive change.


After a long, drawn-out battle with millions of petitions signed over a period of years, Europe banned several pesticides that are known bee-killers.  Can you imagine the agri-business lobby throwing all they could at this?  And common-sense winning out over the big bucks?  Yes!  How beautifully encouraging, what a statement of hope.  Almost everything we eat relies upon dem bees to pollinate.  YAY BEES!!! YAY HUMANS!!! YAY EUROPE!!!

Bees in the Rose Garden, Abbey Gardens 28-07-2011

Bees in the Rose Garden, Abbey Gardens 28-07-2011 (Photo credit: Karen Roe)


Peru became the first country in the Americas to ban GMOs!  Yay Peru!   I’ve never been to Peru but it has been in my dreams lately.  About a month ago, to celebrate my 40th birthday, friends Dave and Suromitra took me and my better half out for a fantastic dinner in Victoria.  Although the food was memorable, all I really recall from our conversations was that Dave and Suromitra travelled to Peru recently and ate the most lusciously-beautiful meals.  They ate like kings and queens, like Narnian travellers to the garden of Eden.  The ate better than in Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe.  Now these friends are savvy, world-travellers and total foodies.  If they said the food in Peru was insanely good, I trust them.  Their tummies and taste-buds were on technicolor,sensory, absolute peace-and-harmony, like bliss-overload in Peru.

Peru , Cusco

Peru , Cusco (Photo credit: Ianz)

There is amazing food Biodiversity in Peru due to climate, geography and the pride Peruvians take in their local culinary traditions.  GMOs, which essentially are based on a mis-informed monoculture theory, go against everything every budding-biologist ever learns in Biology 101.  The viability of life is dependent on genetic diversity.  Peru is protecting its biodiversity, its traditional foods and crop systems that don’t rely on expensive seeds, excessive amounts of water, and unsustainable technology.  (I’ll not go into the whole thing about a seed company sticking in a couple toxic genes into an organism’s DNA and patenting its life just right now).   Rejoice Greatly –  Peru is keeping their seeds free.   BRAVO PERU!  PROUD OF PERU!

Let’s bee encouraged by Europe and save our bees too!

Let’s stand up for our planet and all life, and get rid of those awful chemicals that poison.

Vote with your money, buy local, sustainable, certified organic and GMO free foods.

Let’s free the bees and the seeds one click, letter and peaceful protest at a time.

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