Little dreams little moles

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

I dreamed last night that I was in some random field, taking chunks of plastic and batteries out of the soil, digging with a shovel.  Two different moles popped their blind faces out of the earth and sniffed the air.  They were fuzzy grey-black.  Cute but not quite cuddly.  I was surprised to see them.  I didn’t get too close and they stayed at the surface for a little while.  Although they didn’t sing or dance or even squeak, their presence was assuring.  They simply observed in silence.  Then they returned to dig their Earth tunnels and I woke up.


Mole (Photo credit: Mick E. Talbot)

My friend Lucy called me yesterday with her usual greeting “Where the HECK are ya?”  “In the car,” I replied, driving (bluetooth – fret not, dear hearts). She said the following in about 2 seconds.  “I-just-wanted-you-to-know-that-I’ve-taken-your-challenge-and-not-bought-any-plastic-stuff-since-I-last-saw-you,”  “What?” I answered, I wasn’t totally prepared for High Octane Lucy, with my head in the clouds and my feet on the (hybrid) gas pedal.  “I haven’t bought any plastic crap since I last saw you, aren’t you proud of me?”  I was.  Very proud.   “Where are you?”  I asked, “Running around like a headless chicken. Gotta go. Call me when you’re free.” Lucy said and hung up.  I smiled.  I silently thanked “Down to the Last Straw Initiative” for re-awakening the uncomfortable reminder of our ocean’s plastic problem.

Praveen originally was the one who reminded me to spread the word.  I had spoken to Lucy about it and had even forgotten that I had told her.  We all must speak up.  Remind our friends who have forgotten.  Remind me!  Remind your families.  We are collectively responsible for making each other aware.  Like when a friend has a big chunk of spinach stuck in their teeth, or their fly undone.   They will thank you for telling them.

Like the slow cycles of nature, we gradually accept change.

We too need time and reminders.

One straw at a time, one bag at a time, one smile at a time.

One spark from one little dream is all that is necessary.

With love and respect and compassion.    

The moles will thank you too.


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