Call to March May 25, 2013

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead

The last time I participated in a protest march, I was in High School. I skipped class to protest the Gulf War. I did it because I wanted to stand up for the innocent caught in power wars over resources. My parents, boomers, of the hippy generation (although my dad insists that he was ‘beatnik’), protested. I marched as a child in Vancouver’s Peace March along with my parents.


Now I’m the parent and am moved to march for the first time in decades. What for? I live a comfortable life. I’m not starving. Im not cradling a dying baby, looking for a disappeared son or daughter. Why me? Why now? Why am I moved and incensed?


I want the simple right to know what’s in my food. Over 80% of what is sold in supermarkets has GMOs (genetically modified organisms). These are organisms not found in nature. They are grown by pouring pesticides into fields to kill all weeds. Only plants that have been laboratory engineered can withstand the toxic herbicides and pesticides.

64 countries (sixty-four) either restrict or require labelling of GMOs!

GMO toxins, pesticide and herbicide residues make their way into our bodies. They are not only in our bodies… They are found in over 93% of blood sampled from babies yet to be born (May 2011, Journal of Reproductive Toxicology).

We are being forced to live an experiment we didn’t agree to participate in. We can’t even abstain because GMOs don’t have to be labelled here in North America. Studies have proven that GMOs cause cancer and even make their way into our unborn babies. So far, only certified organic is way of eating safe food. Is that right? Is that fair?


64 (I repeat) countries in the world either ban GMOs or require GMOs to be labelled. Here is what is crazy: China and Russia require labelling.

Why don’t we?


Our governments haven’t consulted us about taking part of a mass experiment where we have no way of knowing what we’re eating. Now is the time to demand labelling. On Saturday the 25th of May there will be a coordinated world wide series of Marches.

Our governments haven’t protected us. We must now stand up and demand they listen, force them to take notice. Join me and the multitude and make our voices heard.

For the Right to Know.

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