Three Good Reasons to Smile This Weekend

“Peace begins with a smile”

– Mother Teresa

#1 The BC Northern Gate Pipeline proposal is rejected!

Instead of funding unclean energy, we must support Research and Development of sustainable energy.  This is a great step for British Columbians.  YAY Government!

#2 Monsanto has given up trying to market their poisonous corn seeds in Europe (except for Spain, Portugal and Czech Republic)  YAY Europe!

#3 I just got a petition from a concerned parent wanting Girl Guide Cookies to be GMO free.   Go Girl Guides!

girl guides

Now if girl guides are getting it, there is hope, glorious gossamer threads of it.  Heck if the girl guides start spreading the word, change is really going to happen.

And fast.

Never underestimate the power of girls on a mission!

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