Biking the bike

“Life is like riding a bicycle.  To keep balance, you must keep moving.”

– Albert Einstein

Check out this contraption:20130605-162528.jpg

Soren rides this feat of engineering all around Victoria.  After arriving at school in the morning, Soren drops off two kids with his bicycle and attached child tandem extension.  His older child rides free.  After saying “bye”  (love you – I’m sure) Soren then picks up the free- standing bike:


The free bike is securely fixed to the tandem attachment:


The bikemobile (!? I didn’t ask Soren if it had a name) being loaded:


After we said bye I spied Soren and his bikemobile on the road ahead of me (he wasn’t hard to spot):

20130605-162603.jpgAfter a full day of work, Soren bikes this ‘bikemobile” back school in the afternoon, unloads the free-standing bike for kid number one, puts kid number two behind him on the tandem attachment and back home they go.  (I attended a conference 2 months ago where the speaker referred to his children as “goats”.  Just had to share that).

Soren does this every day.  I actually initially took a photo of him a month or so ago but it wasn’t a great shot.  When I approached him again, he said, “Don’t worry if the pictures are no good, you can try again.  I do this every day.”

Exercise, ingenuity, dedication, carbon neutrality.

He’s not talking the talk, or walking the walk or talking the walk.

He’s biking the bike.

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