Style-Diet Shot TED inspiration

“Wear Nothing New” talk by Jessi Arrington.

If you have 5 mins, have a listen to Jessi Arrington’s 5 minute TED talk.  Jessi is fun, bright, cute, bubbly and has an interesting take on clothing.

TED talk Jessi Arrington

Although Jessi is too extreme for me on many levels, she is thought-provoking.  Unlike Jessi, I don’t like to think of clothes as disposable.  Even if they are second-hand.  Like the monks who can spend months and years making mandala patterns in sand only to dissolve them within seconds, I accept that nothing in our world is permanent.

When I was in my twenties, living in Hong Kong, I bought a packet of 2 Granny-pant disposable underwear at a 7-11 in Kowloon.  At the time, it was weirdly liberating to think that we could buy something to wear once and throw it away.  However, after that first dubious thrill, this wasn’t an experiment I ever repeated.  I concluded that disposable clothing (made to be disposable) was an ultimate act of disrespect to the Earth.

G tessa green dress

Photo by Tessa Lloyd

Above is a cotton dress I bought in a little town square in the centre of Auvergne, France in 1997.  Made in France, it has several elastics around the tubular dress circumference that can be pulled tight for different effects.  It was made well and the investment was well worth is as I’ve worn it off and on for 16 years.  I cherish this dress.  It is a good friend.  The earrings, which pre-date the dress (First Nations bead-work) were a wedding present from my Uncle Godfrey.

Clothes!  Mamma mia : keep them, rotate them, recycle them, share them, make them to last, wear with flair and sport them with panache.

2 thoughts on “Style-Diet Shot TED inspiration

  1. ytsimmisty

    I like that kind of dress, versatile, and the colour could easily be worn in many seasons, throw on a chocolate cardigan and it is fall. A pink sweater and it is spring – Red shoes and it is ready for summer! Gurdeep looks awesome great pic 🙂 You have the perfect haircut for those kind of earings! Love it


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