What Organic Figs Can Lead To…

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”

– Mother Teresa

Out running an errand, I got a call from my dad.  After we chatted a bit I asked him, “Is there anything you need while I’m out?”  Dad paused a beat, then replied, “Oh…well… if it’s not too much trouble… maybe you could get me some figs?” I smiled at the smile in his voice. I can’t think of a greater pleasure than eating fresh fruit grown in season, pure and unadulterated.  Actually it’s an even greater pleasure to be the conduit to such wholesome happiness (especially when such afore-mentioned ripe fresh fruits make their way into my belly too.) Last week, I saw some shiny Californian black organic mission figs at Whole Foods. So, on an exciting new errand, to Whole Foods in Kits I headed.

I arrived to find several joyous people walking about with their faces painted, adults and children alike. Cute! I said to myself. I like what’s going on here. It was unusually lovely. From right to left, here are Maddie, J and RM:


Now, once I saw Fanny Starchild, the face-painting, the light atmosphere, the smiles and joviality…. it all made sense.


Fanny used to dance into my family’s Natural Food Restaurant “Woodlands” with a troup of trippy troubadours, spreading love with every whirl. I squealed when I saw Fanny, “You’re the apple juice!” My family referred to Fanny’s tribe as the Apple Juice People since they made up a song called “Do You like apple juice?” They sang it at some of the Free Dinners my family regularly gave to the community. The Apple Juice song had a lot of: “Do you like apple juice? Yeah I like apple juice!” It was awesome.


Fanny Starchild. Contact Fanny at http://www.starchild.ca to book her for parties and events.

Well I hadn’t seen Fanny since I was a teen and she looks the same. She didn’t recognize me at first. But when I told that I used to work at Woodlands, she thrust her new CD into my hand. With love, she said, “Take It.’ I took it.  Then, while painting a cute little girl’s face, she told everyone around in her theatrical sing-song voice about how we would give Free Christmas Dinner and free Thanksgiving Dinner at Woodlands. Everyone was welcome. From the folks real down-and-out to others who didn’t have family to celebrate with. Fanny enthused, “You always welcomed us. Even when we had nobody else and nowhere to go.” Here is her CD I haven’t opened (my computer doesn’t have a CD player).


Liberte, CD by Starchild and the Mystiques

Fanny sent me off with lots of sparking “I love yous” which I joyfully echoed. Here are the figs:


And in case you haven’t heard this enough today…

I love you too.

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