Giving with love

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

– Mother Theresa

My parents began their life together in debt.  Wed in India in 1969, the young, penniless (rupee-less), multi-cultural couple borrowed enough money for a plane ticket back to Vancouver.  From then on it’s been a historic rise for my parents.

photo (2)

My mom Ratana Stephens, in her early twenties.

Talking to a very successful lawyer recently, he said, “We in the world of finance see money as a flowing river to tap into and divert.  Your parents have done the extra-ordinary.  They have built their success in actually creating value.” On so many levels.  I had never thought of it like that but he was right.  Nurturing people and the planet is part their triple-bottom line philosophy.  Socially responsible, environmentally sustainable and financially viable.

In encouraging change, we need examples.  What can be achieved? What is possible?  Whose shoulders should we stand tall upon and grow to new heights?  I look to my parents as a template for success.  Not just financially.  Not just in giving back but in making the world safer, providing wholesome organic food as the original and viable alternative to the toxins and chemicals that poison the Earth.  Through their vision, Nature’s Path is standing up for the planet again and again.

Here is a plaque recently put up in Vancouver General Hospital which honours the recent and huge monetary contribution to the Vancouver General and UBC Hospitals.  Dad and I were interviewed on CBC radio earlier this year about the donation.  I gave dad 2/3 of my liver.  Dad gave me life.  I gave him life.  And we give in return.

We give with love and accept with gratitude.


3 thoughts on “Giving with love

  1. Eve

    That picture stops me in my tracks. What a stunningly beautiful woman Ratana was and remains. But what strikes me most in that face is the strength and the intelligence. Her contribution to the family’s success and the choices it has made surely must equal Arran’s. Lovely post, Deepa.

  2. ytsimmisty

    Inspiring Gurdeep, look forward to reading your blog daily! Early Diagnosis is key – such an amazing contribution. Thank you for sharing with us, I love black and white pictures beautiful profile!!


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