Moms March Across America for Labelling

Being a mom has pushed me to want to want to make the world a better place. I have heard countless mothers say this. We are but custodians of the Earth for the next generation.

Thousands upon thousands of moms are marching across America on July 4th in hundreds of parades across the country. They are demanding their rights to know what they are eating on the very day the Declaration of Independence was adopted 237 years ago. What a fine and fitting way to celebrate this holiday.

These mom are driven to protect their children and families and want to be able to choose what they put in the mouths of their nearest and dearest.


I love the tag line I read on Facebook from the Mom’s Across America “We want labelling… because *I* said so”. I hear the mamma bear growl loud and scary. Like “DO it before I count to three…” (My girls never let me get to three.)

I see Canadian mothers taking up the cry, educating their families, colleagues, friends and frenemies alike. We are speaking with our politicians now. The movement can only grow bigger and stronger. It’s basic. It’s visceral. It’s gutteral. It’s fundamental. 64 countries in the world either ban GMOs or demand them to be labelled.

Stand and march with these moms for your right to know what you are eating.

Because I said so.

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