Style-Diet Shot – Justine Alpaca

“On matters of style, swim with the current. On matters of principle, stand like a rock.”

 – Thomas Jefferson

Justine, from Paris (and in Paris) is wearing a sweater from London where she studies.  It’s from a flea market and she says gets get compliments every time she wears it.  The image below is Justine in Alpaca sweater that was Made in Ecuador and Bought in Ecuador.  Justine asked me if that counted for the Style-Diet Shot.  I said a resounding YES!  The idea is to support local when possible.  Justine bought this soft sweater on a trip around the world after graduating early from High School.  Her shoes are made in India and Bought in India, on the same trip.  Smart cookie.



The Style-Diet Shot celebrates individuals with unique style, wearing at least one article of clothing acquired via the Stephens’ Sisters Shopping Diet. It must be local, sustainable, second-hand/re-purposed, inherited or ethically produced. If you can’t find clothing fitting that criteria then it must be from a country with stellar human rights records.

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