Let’s Go Paint a Plate in Barcelona

“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”

– Leonardo Da Vinci

Welcome to Taller Millallers on C/ Mirallers where you can paint ceramics and work alongside cool ceramic artists and artisans.  It is in Barcelona minutes from the Picasso Museum.  These medieval streets are so narrow, you can straddle them if you have long enough legs.  Here is the door.


Paints, glazes, brushes and pens:


Inspiration from potter Rita Lugli.


Some designs waiting to go into the kiln, painted by random folks via Rita Lugli’s “Pintame” https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pintame/118723981614135


Cora Egger, a potter and art therapist told me two really neat things.  First of all, people are able to distinguish factory made cups from cups made in the studio from moulds. Maybe that is not so surprising.  However, there is an energy an artisan puts into making ceramics.  Cora told me that they would sell both hand-thrown (made on their potter’s wheels) and cups made from moulds.   Made in the same studio, these cups looked identical.  Only an expert would be able to tell the difference between hand-thrown versus those made more uniformly from the mould.  However, for some reason, people wanting to buy them, would gravitate towards the hand-thrown.  She said that without being conscious of exaclty why, people would buy more of the cups hand-thrown on the wheel over those made from a mould.  They sensed the energy was different.

This reminded me of devout Indian friends who go to the temple to pray wearing certain jewellery.  Different prayers impart different unseen colours and energies into the jewellery which is then passed on ceremonially to their children upon marriage.

Every action, every thing we do, smell, we do vibrating with a certain energy.  The thoughts we have translate.  It may translate to something you can see or touch.  It may not.  But it certainly can be felt.  Each action no matter how big or small matters.

May we tread lightly upon the earth, spreading light and positivity.

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