Knock on Wood

The more plastic I see, the less I like it.  I now equate all plastic with the continent-sized mass floating in the Oceans and the birds and sea creatures ingesting micro and macroscopic pieces of plastic junk.  Let’s recycle every bit of it and use materials that biodegrade.

In the heart of Barcelona’s Medieval Quarter, the Barri Gotic (Catalan) or Barrio Gotico (Castillian Spanish), I encountered this neat looking shop.  I was captivated by the collection of sunglasses made with wood frames.  My dad recently ordered wooden glasses from Two Birds Apparel in Canada  They haven’t arrived yet.  So, until this day, I hadn’t seen wooden glasses in the flesh – or shall I say ‘fibre’?  Then when I looked a little closer, I saw…


…  a wooden watch.

No – wait TWO wooden watches.  Wow.

20130710-114505.jpg I went through a phase in my 20s where I thought that Swatches were really cool.   Swatch was the first major Swiss brand to make a watch that was not designed to last, but to change with the fashion trends.  After buying several of these cool, colorful, fun things, I realized that the plastic didn’t hold up.  Plus it was cheaper to buy a new one than the hassle of changing a battery.  Duh!  They were not made to last.  It cost more to fix than replace.  Is that right?  I mean is that right?

If the vast market for wristwatches is now disposable fashion watches, then why not at least try to make something that, in part, biodegrades?


Colmado is the name of the store as above.  Colmado means filled.

I could spend months blogging about the myriad cool things in Barcelona.  I met a friend of a friend, who’s friend has invented a special new weeding machine on his organic farm near Barcelona.  He claims that his machine costs less than using Pesticides.  Cheaper, non-polluting.  And it’s doesn’t poison the water, deplete and poison the soil. Or kill the bees.

I miss Barcelona.  When I lived there, it was a hotbed of design and dynamic ideas.  I’m happy to report that it hasn’t changed.

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