Barcelona Old and New

“Barcelona is a very old city in which you can feel the weight of history; it is haunted by history. You cannot walk around it without perceiving it.”

– Carlos Ruis Zafon

Casa Battlo is one of those marvels of architecture that stops everybody in their tracks. When I lived in Barcelona, I never tired of the supreme gaudy façade of Gaudi’s brainchild.  It hasn’t changed one bit.  Nor its effect on me.


Below, this charming, stained, antique little marble sink was in a Barcelona Bathroom.  Europeans understand that understanding one’s past is the key to understanding one’s future.  Objects of beauty are a joy forever.  Even when you can get something more functional, it is really more meaningful?  Even if it’s inconvenient, small or awkward, living in a historic building is a status symbol.  Even if you bang yourself more often than not and are cold.  Or hot.  It’s a toss up between charm and functionality.

20130710-114241.jpgThis was the view out the Bathroom window (over the sink above).  One evening it afforded me a view of a naked 70 year old man who clearly was hot (not ‘Hot’) and was trying to cool down the natural way.  How better than to take off one’s pants and shirt!  Better than AC, which gives Mother Nature heart disease.  A relative prude, blame the Indian genes, I wished I had been spared the sight of all that skin.


At Placa Catalunya this was a welcome sight:


Barcelona, a dynamic city is changing for the better, embracing the electric car.  Keeping the old, the sustainable, but wowing the world with its design, Barcelona continues to charm the pants off me and the rest of the world (especially in the Summertime).

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