People are moved to give when another person demonstrates sacrifice.

If you click on the link below, and scroll down, you will see a clip of what motivated me to donate to Roberto Di Frassineto.    A jovial Italian, Roberto has a mandate to help orphans, travelling around the world on his motorcycle, to raise funds and awareness. When he can, he travels with others but is usually solo or with one other person.  His dental experience in Mexico struck a chord in me.  Not only is this guy eschewing a vacation with his family and roughing it for the orphans – none of which he has to do – he gets a tooth infection while crossing Mexico on his motorbike.  Roberto’s tooth had to come out.  Those of you who have only experienced the antiseptic atmosphere of North American dentistry will be horrified.  I have had traumatic dental experiences in my 13 years of living abroad. When I watched this clip, I was holding my mouth and laughing and crying and rocking back and forth in my chair.


Apart from medical emergencies, Roberto has to deal with primitive bureaucracies and dangerous situations, war zones. I’ve seen photos of some of the flea bag hovels and remote inns in Mongolia.  He does this for the children. Roberto shares his story on a blog and has just started a new leg from Costa Rica to the tip of South America and will bring money to an orphanage in Bolivia,

Roberto on bike

I follow his blog when he’s travelling, living vicariously through him. Roberto experiences the “non-touristy” parts of the world.  You can see what he’s up to and hopefully you will be motivated to also give to the innocent, the helpless.

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