LA’s Seed Freedom Fest

“The growing of our food should be an act of love.”

– Dr. Vandana Shiva

In 2012, 6 million Californians voted to label GMOs.  Although Proposition 37 didn’t turn to law by the narrowest of margins, the momentum isn’t dying.  It is growing by leaps and bounds.  As people become aware of just how wrong GMOs are, they can’t ignore what they’ve learned.  You can try to ignore the environmental, social and health consequences of a system.  You can try but it’s like closing your eyes during a scary movie. You can even close your ears but you can’t ignore the thumping of your heart.


Yesterday was LA’s Seed Freedom Fest, rated one of the top 10 events in LA.  It was a celebration of the seeds of life, of biodiversity and of the way things ought to be in our agricultural production.  It’s the way things could be if we demanded it. Who wants to eat chemical pesticide and herbicide residues on their food? Who wants to eat food that is spliced with a pesticide?  Food that actually is a pesticide?  Logic and now science are showing that the original ideas behind GMOs are so drastically wrong. Everyone says, “I’d buy organic if it weren’t so expensive.”

veg land label

It’s expensive because our governments subsidize GMO agriculture, not organic agriculture.  Then they make Organic Farmers pay to be certified.  We must demand that our governments do the opposite: subsidize organic farms and make the GMO proponents prove that their food is safe for public consumption.

You and I are the voice.  Change comes when people ask for it, stand up for it and don’t back down.  Be the change.

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