Fair Trade

“It’s not fair!”

– my 7 year old, frequently

My frequent response to my children is “Life isn’t fair”.  To a 7 year old there are things that just don’t make sense.  Like why she can’t drive my car.  Or why her sister can stay up late and she can’t.  Why she can’t eat ice cream for dinner….

However, there are things in life that are truly NOT fair.  And should be changed.  And can be.  What’s best is that we have the power to support these initiatives every day.  Several times a day.  I saw this little postcard at a Choices store.  I put it in my bag about a week ago knowing that it reminded me of something important I had to share.  It took several days to jog my memory.


At last I remembered.  I’ve been wanting to tell the world about Olivia Aynsley.  For one of her university degrees, Olivia studied how fair trade affected farm workers in Mexico.  Focusing on women in particular, she made a comparison study among the following groups.

1) Conventional Farming

2) Fairtrade Farming

3) Organic Farming

4) Organic and Fairtrade Farming

Guess what Olivia found?20130606-231740.jpg

In Mexico, conventional farm workers were treated the worst.  Fairtrade farmers were treated better than conventional farm workers.  Organic farmers were treated better than solely fairtrade.  But the best treated workers were those who worked on Organic farms that also practised fairtrade.


Use your purchasing power to maximize your social impact.

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