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“Do as much as your want or as little as you want, let the food be your medicine, let your body be your guide and have a great time on the road to intoxicating health.”

 – Lovena B Galyide

Above is the sign at Indigo Cafe on 16th and Trafalgar.  I literally grew up working at Woodlands Natural Food Restaurant only a few blocks away.  So much has changed since I was a kid.  Now every restaurant in BC offers a vegetarian option.  There is a gluten-free bakery next door to Cafe Indigo and local cafes offer local food.  Choices is a fine independent grocer across the street with a great selection of organic foods. Funny that I never really sparked upon Indigo which is run by Lovena Galyide, a superb vegan and raw food chef.   Originally from the Ukraine, Lovena has settled into Kitsilano to give guilt-free indulgences to our taste-buds.  Indigo Cafe is relatively new (as in around 2 years old) which may be why I hadn’t heard of it.  Indigo specialises in vegan, gluten-free, organic and raw foods.


I first heard about raw food back when my parents ran Woodlands and I was a wee one.  So many visionaries came through the Woodlands, several amazing folks at the cusp of the natural, ecological and organic food movements.  Now things are so much better for people wanting to eat consciously – and so much worse.  Why?  Since GMOs have silently infiltrated our food supply, organic is the only way to eat free of pesticides and GMOs (many of which are pesticides, wrap your head around that).  If food doesn’t have the Non GMO project label or isn’t certified organic how can we trust it to be healthy for us, to not cause harm? If given a choice of what to eat or feed your children and babies wouldn’t you pick food that does most good?


Indigo was guilt-free eating and I thoroughly enjoyed the vegan high tea.  90% of Indigo’s food is organic.  Vegan means dairy and lactose free.  It was all gluten free.  On top of it, low sugar.  It was healthy for sure.  But more than that, it was deelish, comparable with the Peninsula Hotel’s famous vegan high tea.  Here are some highlights: Champignon mushrooms stuffed with a creamy nutritional yeast dressing, “pizza”, coconut cream pie, goji-berry bar, chocolate ganache with cocoa nibs, kale chips….


Singer Dasha, a lovely Russian soprano serenaded us with her angelic voice while we picked up delicate treats and popped them in our mouth oohing.

Ah, if only I could have high tea at Indigo every day!

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