BC Ferries Composting Kudo

“Earth knows no desolation.
She smells regeneration in the moist breath of decay.”

– George Meredith

On the BC Ferries from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo, I greeted this welcome sight with a delighted whoop and whipped out my phone to snap a photo.


Yay BC Ferries!

May you inspire all the other millions of travellers to think about composting.

This is something that my sister Jyoti and sustainability advocate did for Nature’s Path Foods many years ago. Nature’s Path has been named one of the top Green companies in Canada over and over again. When large corporations get behind solid earth-enhancing principles, then real change can occur. I dream of every company composting their paper towels, every company going Carbon Neutral, the Big Oil Companies investing in Sustainable Technology and the end to Canada’s Billion-dollar give-away to big oil.

I envision everyone recycling everything, returning to the Earth that which can be returned. I see more and more folks recycling soft plastics, from Saran Wrap to straws, bags our bread comes it to random bits of soiled plastic.

I dream of every person feeling personally responsible for the actions in the complex, and hefty consumer chain from clothes we wear to the food we buy to the air we breathe.

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