Finding peace

Peace is within each of us. We just need to listen to our hearts.

I was at the busy intersection of Kingsway and E 15 th in Vancouver. Kingsway is a major artery of the city. I had never seen Tai chi performed outside of a class or a tranquil park. These practitioners of this ancient art were on a strip of sidewalk, oblivious to the traffic. I happened to snap these photos with my iphone between traffic lights.  (After I posted this, a special follower of this blog sent me a private email saying that she is a member of this society and that they go outside from time to time.  The world is small indeed.  We are all connected.)

La paix, pace, Listen for it.  Search it out.



Made me stop and think. It’s easy to find peace in a quiet park, verdant, surrounded by nature. However much more tricky when vehicles are zooming past at 70 km per hour.

May we learn to shut out the un-necessary, the superfluous. Even when it is dangerously close. Even when it’s loud.  We must listen to our inner voices of reason.   Truth is out there and inside.



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