Eco Fashion Week 7th Edition day 2

Thanks to dear Eve I was given the impetus to attend EcoFashion Week.  Thanks to Jessica, I was given VIP tickets.  Merci beaucoup to both of you.  I attended the Value Village evening at this week’s Vancouver Eco Fashion week.  Going strong since 2009, Miriam Laroche organized Eco Fashion Week to create awareness and thought-provoking questions about our consumption.  This event was totally up my alley for those of you who familiar with Stephens’ Sisters Shopping Diet and Style-Diet Shot.  The evening was about re-purposing, recycling and upcycling. Below Myriam is dressed head to toe in Value Village.  She said that her dress was originally made in Italy by a chi-chi brand.  She looks fabulous.  DSC_1066

jessica with friends

(L to R) Carolynne Beaty of the Sitka Foundation, Leonard Schein of Festival Cinemas recently acquired by Cineplex, Dr Jaqueline Hudson, the only woman I’ve met who got to name a mountain, and the delightful Jessica Taylor

I got so many fantastic Style Diet Shots I am dying to show you.  But I must pace myself.  It will be an exercise in patience on my part!

Below are some pics of the runway, the theme of the evening was Value Village,  68 pounds is the amount (by weight) that the average North American throws away annually, in textiles. DSC_0038 DSC_0085DSC_0106 DSC_1142 DSC_0030

1 thought on “Eco Fashion Week 7th Edition day 2

  1. Eve

    These clothes are fantastic! (fan·tas·tic (fn-tstk) also fan·tas·ti·cal (-t-kl)
    1. Quaint or strange in form, conception, or appearance.
    2. a. Unrestrainedly fanciful; extravagant: fantastic hopes.
    b. Bizarre, as in form or appearance; strange: fantastic attire;
    3. Wonderful or superb; remarkable.
    And tremendous fun. I am delighted you are our reporter.


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