Letter From My Niece

“Dear Auntie Gurdeep,

In my school, we have these presentations that we stand in front of the classroom and read a non fiction article under 2 minutes. One of the kids brought a letter written by Monsanto because his dad works at a cereal company and was curious about gmo’s. I was sickened by this letter explaining how wonderful gmo’s are and how they help so many people in the world who can’t buy expensive food. Once the kid finished presenting, I stood from my chair and shouted out the truth about gmo’s. My teacher was amazed at my ability to debate any situation from different perspectives, ( but  I also got in trouble for being negative about a kids presentation  and standing up from my seat). I have always been interested in gmo’s and the thought occurred to me, why not find an article that explains the other side of the story. Then I thought of you and your blog, and your strong active hope to inform people about gmo’s. I was wondering if you had any written (kid friendly) articles written by you, or in mind I could use for my presentation.

Thank you so much!”

girl guides

My intelligent, talented and bright niece sent me this email last night.  (She is about the same age as the girl guide in this photo wanting GMO free Girl Guide Cookies.)

Perhaps because I lived in Europe for many years I have a more global perspective on GMOs than most.   Canada and the USA are the only two developed nations that don’t label or ban GMOS.  64 countries in the world ban or label GMOs.  GMOs are not proven safe.  Prior to their release, the only experiments done were by the companies making them.  3 month-long rat studies. A rat has a two year lifespan. GMOs have not been tested for human safety.  These companies have refused to release their raw data.  What are they trying to hide?  Every single independent, long-term study shows major cause for concern.

GMOs use millions upon millions of pounds of pesticides and herbicides to grow.  They cannot grow without these chemical inputs.  These chemicals are carcinogens, hormone disrupters.  Worst of all we can’t even avoid them in N. America since they are not labelled.  Along with the chemicals, which are inextricably linked to their existence, GMOs are poisoning us and the planet.

All this to say that GMOs are not wonderful and my niece Bianca was right.  However, she brings up a point that I too struggle with.

How strong a message to deliver?

3 thoughts on “Letter From My Niece

  1. Caroline Kinsman

    Adorable! And poignant. Great panel last night, Guradeep. I love that your niece asked you for a “kid-friendly” written piece. She seems like a brilliant and determined young woman, with a fantastic role model in you!

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  3. ytsimmisty

    I love children’s bravery and speaking from the heart! Everyone should consider themselves a Formula One Engine race car. Because like that insanely expensive vehicle, the drivers only want the best fuel to run the car from. Let’s say there is this hype new GMO fuel, its had minimal testing, promised to show great results, cheaper, easier to produce, bla bla bla. So before a major race they might test it on a test engine, a test car so to speak, and lets say that this GMO fuel proves unusable in the long run. Components break down faster, goop build up in the exaust outtake, cylinders get sludged out. (You get the picture, comparing us to a race car engine). These parts are replaceable, and the Drivers would want their fuel labelled, if they don’t like how their formula one engine runs on this GMO fuel, they would want to know, so not to use it. We can’t replace human parts like that, you can’t replace an intestine, a stomach. We can’t afford our experiment to see if GMOs are safe for human consumption. Have food labelled, so we know what we are putting in our formula one engine of a body!


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