The Failed Promises of GMOs

It has been a David vs Goliath fight.  Consumers against corporations.  An epic struggle between truth and deceit, darkness and light, wrong versus right.

How about the fact that the GMA (Grocery Manufacturer’s Association) is again flouting campaign laws in Washington State?  They continue to not declare the donors of their last set of contributions for Initiative 522, the campaign to label GMOs. This recent set of money laundering by corporations denying consumers the right to know, begs the question:

What do they want to hide about the way GMOs are currently grown?

Is it that golden rice and drought resistant rice are not actually available?  That not one of these nutritionally superior poster children for the GMO movement actually works after countless years of research?  And none are actually grown commercially in N. America?  Despite the marvellous magnificent hype, almost all GMOs crops currently grown in N. America have no superior qualities apart from being able to withstand toxins?  The residues of those toxins which we eat?  That they are poisoning the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soils we grow our food in?

Or could it be that glyphosate, being sprayed by the millions of pounds, is not harmless?  It is found in the blood of the unborn?  Moreover that in response to superweeds and superpests which are now found in 73 million acres across America, chemical companies have made an application with the FDA to blast our fields with 2,4 D the active component of agent orange?

What about yields, You may say?  We grow these GMOs because of higher yields, right?  I have news for you. Over the long term, organic yields are higher.  Don’t take my word for it.  Do your own research.  Seek out the literature that is not funded by the chemical companies.

I’m not going into the ethical and moral arguments here about patenting life.  But we swallowed that pill based on promises that have failed to materialize.  We were growing these mono-crop GMOs in the first place because of the promise of increased yields and decreased pest/herbicides use and nutritionally superiority.

Those are no longer valid reasons for growing GMOs here in N. America.

Let’s stop.

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