Vermont Soap

I been waiting for enough downtime. In my kitchen. And bored (which almost never happens)…

What have I been waiting for? Well (drumroll please) I have been carrying around a recipe in my iphone for deodorant (underarm kind). This recipe calls for organic coconut oil, organic cornstarch, shea butter, essential oils etc. Before the magical set of kitchens circumstances transpired (no pun intended) … I happened to bump into the Vermont Soap people at a trade show. And guess what they asked me? To test drive their brand new deodorant!


Ingredients I can vouchsafe; organic coconut oil. organic cornstarch, organic lime oil, organic sage oil and organic beeswax. So I accepted their challenge.


Did it work? You betcha! After a full day of travelling I didn’t notice any unwanted noisome ness (it that a word?) emanating from my body.

Success! It buys me some more time to wait for the stars to align. When I’m bored but creative….

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