Kauai Kudos

The people of Kauai have spoken yet again.

After the mayor of Kauai sided with the interests of the chemical companies, the people were shattered in disbelief.    So was I, to tell the truth.  This was two weeks ago.

Four GMO companies Dow, Sygenta, Basf and Pioneer account for 98% of Kauai’s restricted use pesticides – 18 tons per year (pre-diluted).  I shudder when I think of the amount of pesticides in the air, the soil and the water of continental US.   Millions upon millions of acres of farmland are given to GMO agriculture, subsidized by us, the taxpayers.

The people of Kauai wanted to know what toxins are used on Kauai with respect to GMO agriculture.  They weren’t even looking to ban GMOs but provide buffer zones next to schools and hospitals and pesticide disclosure.  For a list of these pesticides you can go to this link http://www.stoppoisoningparadise.org/#!restricted-use-pesticide-kauai/c1rjc This was fought by the chemical companies every millimetre of the way.  With stalling, delay tactics.  The mayor even vetoed bill 2491 which he was supposed to sign.

Moms weren’t having it.  Dads weren’t having it.  Children born in the zones where pesticides are sprayed routinely have more defects.  I’ve heard testimony that in one school every child is on medication for respiratory problems….  The rates of cancer are greater where GMOs are grown…  This is a bitter sweet post because I feel for all the mom’s and dad’s whose kids have died, or are suffering from cancer and poor health.  When a child suffers the community is affected.  In the deepest way.  What the people did in a special session this very day: they over-rode the mayor’s veto.  They passed the bill.

In case you haven’t made the connection, GMOs that are currently grown are either classified as pesticides by the EPA or have herbicide resistance spliced into the DNA.   They are not nutritionally superior.  In both cases they are treated with carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and toxins.  GMOs don’t increase yields over the long-run and pesticide use has gone up exponentially, defeating their raison-d’etre.  It is important to pull apart the golden promise of GMOs from their bleak reality.

For someone who fell in love with Kauai, who climbed Waimea Canyon with my family, who discovered the exhilaration of catching waves on Kauai’s stunning shores, this is important to me. I feel especially close to Kauai and the aloha I was shown by the people there.  We are one big family, the Earth our mother.

To my brothers and sisters in Kauai: mahalo.

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