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“The more we pour the big machines, the fuel, the pesticides, the herbicides, the fertilizer and chemicals into farming, the more we knock out the mechanism that made it all work in the first place.”
– David Brower, environmentalist

A few weeks ago, the World Health Organization named glyphosate a ‘probable carcinogen”. In fact, it was originally classified as such in the 1980s (but mysteriously that was overturned). The makers of glyphosate claim that it is safe for humans since it doesn’t kill human cells. But it does kill our symbiotic gut bacteria and we humanoids have 10 bacteria cells for each human cell. Various studies have shown glyphosate to be in our bodies, in our breast milk, in our placentas and even the blood of our unborn babies. This begs the question:

“Do I have glyphosate in my body too?”

If so, how can I find out?

Henry Rowlands and Ed Brown have just launched an amazing initiative – – to bring the glyphosate conversation into the homes of America.  This is the first of its kind, an attempt for the people of America to send in urine, breast milk and home tap water samples to see how exposed they are to glyphosate.


For more information on how to get tested and to see a hard-hitting short film, please check out

Most of us here in North America only have a vague idea about how ‘conventional’ food is grown. Some people do realize that perhaps their food is sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. But don’t really think about it. Who wants to focus on the negative? Most people think that the government wouldn’t allow anything ‘really bad’ to be in and on our food. In some countries, people are given the power to choose. For example, in France, there’s a law that food sprayed with toxins needs to be labelled “produit traite”.  I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

In North America we are facing the opposite situation.  Unless you either grow your own food, or know your local farmer – or unless your food is “certified organic”, there is no guarantee that you aren’t being subjected to a vast variety of known toxins. In 2014, the government allowed 2,4-D (the active ingredient in the notorious herbicide agent orange) to be sprayed on crops in North America. Since the 1990s, glyphosate (commonly known as Round Up) has been sprayed to the tune of millions of pounds a year. Glyphosate was first used as an industrial cleaner since it binds to heavy metals. Then it was used as weed killer, killing plants and bacteria via the shikimate pathway. It is sprayed on lawns, on playgrounds and even in national parks. Most recently in 2010, glyphosate was patented as an antibiotic.

Resistance to glyphosate has been spliced into most of the GMOs grown in North America. And up until recently, most people have considered it safe. This ‘safe’ designation has permitted ‘conventional’ farmers to put even more of this toxin on our crops, where it ends up contaminating the soil, air and water. It kills habitat for wildlife such as milkweed necessary for the monarch butterflies. It kills bacteria in the soil. It disrupts earthworms. Glyphosate is the most commonly used herbicide in the world. Resistance to glyphosate is genetically spliced into corn, soy, canola, cotton and sugar. That means ‘conventional’ farmers can indiscriminately spray glyphosate on fields to destroy weeds. For more information on glypohsate and to order your test kit, please check out

I look forward to testing myself – will keep you posted.

Information can lead to Knowledge.

Knowledge is power.

Power will lead the change.

Let’s empower ourselves and make the world a safer, healthier, more beautiful place!



Confusion of Aims

“A perfection of means, and confusion of aims, seems to be our main problem.”

– Albert Einstein

I get a lot of spam on this blog and thankfully wordpress screens most of it.  Over the years, I’ve gotten a few muddled responses, others clearly written by algorithms (Hi!  I really like what you write.  Please write more and check out my link for fantastic savings on car tires) or in unusual English (Respected writer, pleese share with me your secrets of making blog.)  I’ve also gotten some replies which may even be written by real people.  But with questionable agendas.

Here is one that I recently stumbled across: Submitted on 2015/04/07 at 2:24 pm
You do know that people with life-threatening diseases like Type 1 Diabetes need insulin to stay alive, which is made with GMO bacteria? Right?

I need insulin to survive, you need GMOs labeled because you believe in quackeries and have first world problems. Ugh.

This is a classic case of confusing GMOs as ‘food’ with genetically engineered bacteria for medicine.  Even though I question the writers’ motives, I couldn’t help but write a response to clear up any confusion. Here it is:

When I see comments like yours, I wonder if you are a real person or a ‘bot’. Who knows? Maybe you are a paid member of Big Biotech’s “scientific debunking” team? (i.e.: those people who are paid to disprove and discredit valid scientists…) Like folks who call all science that doesn’t support the biotech agenda “quackery” or “pseudoscience.” I’m going to respond to your comment regardless because you conveniently confuse and mix-up two very different things.

First of all, when have I ever lumped-in medicines made by bacteria into the GMO debate? Since I started writing, have I ever stood up against life-saving medicines, modern health care, transfusion, transplants or – getting to agriculture – marker assisted selection? I have a background in Biology (honours BA, MA from The University of Chicago, PhD studies in Developmental Neurobiology, and one co-authored scientific paper in a peer-reviewed journal) and I have been very well aware of medicines made by bacteria for decades.

What I am against is our FOOD being modified to withstand toxic pesticides. And I reject this GMO “FOOD” being force-fed to us without our knowledge or consent.  This GMO “FOOD” has no long-term toxicity testing by independent scientists. As Dr John Fagan has confirmed, to date all the studies used to demonstrate the safety of GMO ‘Foods’ have been done by the very same companies selling the GMO ‘Foods!’ No regulators have produced their own data but rely on biotech’s data.  It’s really unbelievable. (I have to put “Food” in quotations because food by definition should nourish and sustain us.)

GMO ‘Food’ is unlabelled and is sitting like a wolf in sheep’s clothing on our grocery shelves.  It is often stacked with traits like insecticide-expression and glyphosate-resistance and sprayed with millions of pounds of glyphosate. The GMO “Foods” I’m talking about could just as well stand for “Glyphosate Modified Organisms.” (Thanks to Dr Thierry Vrain for coining that phrase).  Maybe you haven’t heard that glyphosate has been recently classified as a probable carcinogen by the WHO. This isn’t the first time either (it first happened in 1985 but was somehow declassified…)  Maybe you should look that up! In fact, I suggest you also look up how glyphosate works by binding to heavy metals (chelator) and how it was first patented as an industrial cleaner? Furthermore, check out how it has been patented as an antibiotic. Then read up on how cities and countries (first world and otherwise) around the world ban this toxin.

Below is a moment (via youtube) I can’t seem to shake.  If you still think that glyphosate is safe to drink, spray on lawns, spray on weeds and spray on crops, watch this short video of a GMO shill:

I’m surprised that you consider GMOs a first world problem. Have you heard how some of the poorest people in the world, such as in Haiti, have burned biotechs’ seeds? I would suggest you go to my post from 2013 where I’ve compiled a list of countries that require GMO labeling by law. Curiously enough, Canada and the US are the only two ‘first world’ nations that don’t label and/or ban GMO “Foods.” This is not a first world problem. This is a whole world problem.

In the event that you are a ‘real’ person and not funded directly or indirectly by Biotech, I hope this response motivates you to look up what’s really being done to the Food in North America. It’s been 20 years of GMO “Foods” in North America. Virtually all GMO “Foods” available for human consumption in North America are glyphosate-resistant. Since GMO “Foods” were introduced, health, air and soil quality have diminished. There are dead zones in the waters due to pesticide run-off.  Mother’s milk has toxins. Even Polar bears have pesticides in their blood.  Children being born now are called Generation Rx because they are the first generation to have a lower life expectancy than their parents. Look at projected cancer rates in America (1/2 men and 1/3 women). And what is the one thing we do know for sure? We are growing our food with vast amounts of known and probable toxins and carcinogens….

If you are a real person, I have empathy for your pain and suffering. I would not wish for anyone to have to take daily insulin injections.  I have witnessed this first-hand and it is an unenviable burden. I do not think you ought to suffer and I am glad that bacteria were engineered to make insulin.  I am glad you can be treated.  I appreciate you checking out my blog.  I agree with you that it is because of technology that millions of people have been able to afford hitherto costly medicines (such as insulin) that bacteria have been engineered to express. It is because of technology and medical advances that so many of us are alive.

Myself included.

But, just because we *can* insert toxic genes into our FOOD to make Glyphosate-Modified-Organisms or make nuclear bombs or [please fill in the blank], doesn’t mean that we should.  We can change this. You can change this too.

I started this blog to help inspire change. Change for greater respect for people and planet.  I hope this post might motivate just one person to change just one thing.

Spread one small truth.

Worship clean soil teeming with micro-organisms.

Give thanks to an organic farmer.

Give thanks to the Earth.

Smile at the butterflies and pollinator moths, if you are lucky enough to see one.

Grow your own kale!

Find the courage to do what’s right versus what’s convenient.


This Earth Is Ours….