Paris Prayers

“Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind.  It is mightier than the mightiest weapon devised by mankind.” – Mahatma Gandhi

France was wonderful to extend me citizenship after I married a French Man in Canada and birthed a French baby in London.  I was given full rights as a French citizen (even the ability to vote in French elections while living abroad) even though I never have actually lived in France. When I took the French nationality, they gave me new *French* names which still make me giggle (I chose Stephanie).

I am proud to be both French and Canadian with Indian and British roots.  And I carry a world passport in my heart.

I am sad for my French family and compatriots. I am sad about all the violent injustice in the world creating masses of pain, anger and disenfranchisement. I now redouble my efforts to make small differences in my every interaction. To continue to fight against injustice as a way to honor the victims of violence. In silent prayer, I see a better world where we find the good in everything and care for that good, nourish it and disseminate it widely.

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