Apricot and Permaculture

“Permaculture is revolution disguised as gardening”

– Mike Feingold

A couple months ago, I met a beautiful soul by the name of Hannah Apricot.  Yes. That is her real given and legal name.  She talked to me about Permaculture.  What is permaculture – you may be asking as I did?  From permaculturemag.org:

  1. ” Permaculture is an innovative framework for creating sustainable ways of living.
  2. It is a practical method of developing ecologically harmonious, efficient and productive systems that can be used by anyone, anywhere.”

We talked about Hannah Apricot’s unique peripatetic lifestyle, several things good and a few things bad. When I was updating her on the Dark Act, she asked me if I would write an article about GMOs for Permaculture magazine.  I gladly accepted.

Please check out https://permaculturemag.org/ and click on GMO article in Permaculture Magazine to read the article!


3 thoughts on “Apricot and Permaculture

  1. Directory of Permaculture

    Ha, I was expecting a light read about growing apricots in permaculture farms. Luckily, GMOs aren’t something we have to worry about with apricots… yet. While it was heavier than what I came here looking for, your article for permaculture magazine is really good – great visuals – I wish you could publish that in every magazine! Thanks


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