I am dreaming of a confident world…

Where we take responsibility for our actions, towards each other and towards the Earth from which we draw sustenance.

We are all connected to each other and the commonality of experience. I want to share this experience.

I envision a world where due respect is given to all life on our planet, from plankton to primates.  A world where we find heroism in the smallest act of kindness.  A world where we laugh at the joyful and the ridiculous.  Where we find strength in love, in the righteous and revert to the golden rule on this convoluted path of life.

Welcome to the Deeper Side, where you will find what’s been brewing in my mind’s recesses: curiosities and experiments, events and musings, anecdotes and projects, music I’m recording and books I’ve been writing.  I’ll probably skim upon strange expressions of style and cross several fine lines of folly. Like me and my interests, this blog will hop, flutter, fly all over the place.  I place my trust in the idea that the superficially different, the disparate and disjointed buds of inspiration will flower into a more-meaningful, a more profound sense of understanding.

Join me.

ps The White Fawn Lilies in the image header are from the protected Garry Oak ecosystems on Vancouver Island.  This photo was taken by Dr. Nancy Turner, the Godmother of my Garden.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Ashley Robyn

    Hi Gurdeep! Awesome to meet you last night. I hope this message gets to you, and I’m lookin forward to reading your blog about the event. Cheers!

    Twitter: @singashleyrobyn

  2. Daphne Green

    Hello Gurdeep. I have just read your blog, with interest, though it is not for me , at least not yet! I was researching “organic living” as I have decided to work on improving mine and my family’s health. I am unable to go completely organic as we have a low income, so will have to start in a small way, and would like advice on where to start. What foods, or food groups, and household chemicals are most important to avoid?
    We have a small garden, and have tried unsuccessfully to grow vegetables, for several years, and have now all but given up, apart from a few herbs. I also intend to try using such things as lemon juice,cider vinegar and essential oils instead of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Any advice would be welcome. I am not very knowledgable about the Internet.
    I have a Facebook account and could try using that

    1. Gurdeep Stephens Post author

      Hi Daphne

      Thank you for your comment. This is a common question and fortunately there is a lot of material out there on where to start. There are articles on eating organic on a budget by Robyn O’Brien and Food Babe to name two off the top of my head. But your local organic association would also have similar articles and advice. I would suggest a google search to start with. I haven’t read it, but there’s a book by Linda Watson called Wildly Affordable Organic. Here’s an article she wrote: http://www.motherearthliving.com/food-and-recipes/cooking-methods/eating-organic-budget-zm0z14mazpit.aspx?PageId=4#ArticleContent

      Regarding food groups on what to avoid, I would start with the dirty lists. These are produce most likely to be contaminated with biocides (pesticides and herbicides). Here is 2015’s list by the Environmental Working Group http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/dirty_dozen_list.php

      Regarding household products and cosmetics… I like the rule that you only put on your body what you put in your body. There are lots of recipes for making your own toothpaste and deodorant for example. I have tried several and recommend playing around. There is a great app by the Environmental Working Group called “skin deep.” You can scan products and learn about each of the ingredients and whether you ought to be using it. After using this for many days, I started to realize what ingredients are to be avoided. So many things that are put into our cosmetics and household products are known carcinogens and hormone disruptors.

      I’m sorry your garden hasn’t been successful. I can tell you about what I do. First of all my husband and I read about organic gardening, look up ways to replenishing the soil and composting. We have mastered a few successful crops including garlic, kale, potatoes, broccoli, beans and berries. We often ask friends how they garden and share tips and seeds.

      I really am happy to hear that you are on this path of discovery and change. There is a wonderful community on social media (including facebook) of people who are sharing their efforts and trying to make these positive changes for themselves, their families, loved ones and the Earth. If we all make what seems to be incremental changes, at the very minimum, we increase our awareness. And together we can make BIG changes. And inspire each other in a positive never-ending feedback loop!


  3. Daphne Green

    Thank you so much for your prompt, thorough and very helpful reply. I will be following up on the links you supplied, and hopefully have some positive developments to report!


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