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Vermont Soap

I been waiting for enough downtime. In my kitchen. And bored (which almost never happens)…

What have I been waiting for? Well (drumroll please) I have been carrying around a recipe in my iphone for deodorant (underarm kind). This recipe calls for organic coconut oil, organic cornstarch, shea butter, essential oils etc. Before the magical set of kitchens circumstances transpired (no pun intended) … I happened to bump into the Vermont Soap people at a trade show. And guess what they asked me? To test drive their brand new deodorant!


Ingredients I can vouchsafe; organic coconut oil. organic cornstarch, organic lime oil, organic sage oil and organic beeswax. So I accepted their challenge.


Did it work? You betcha! After a full day of travelling I didn’t notice any unwanted noisome ness (it that a word?) emanating from my body.

Success! It buys me some more time to wait for the stars to align. When I’m bored but creative….


Is LA going to follow in BC’s Footsteps and declare itself GMO free?  Given that the urban vote was overwhelmingly for labelling, it is just a matter of time!  My brother Arjan, who is this morning teaching city kids about organic gardening has great faith in the urban gardening revolution.  LA councillors Koretz and O’Farrell are presenting a motion to LA council this morning.  They are also giving a press conference beforehand.  Speakers include Nisha Vida, whom I met in LA last month. (See post: GMO OMG LA Premiere.) Please click on the link below to know more about LA GMO Free and read the press release.


I’m so excited about this!  This is hot on the heels of Washington’s impending vote to label GMOs (Vote YES on 522) and the encouraging news from Kauai and Hawaii whose councils have voted just this week to restrict and declare pesticide use in GMO production.  Mahalo to Hawaii.  I see the positive vibes travel through the waters, waves and droplets.  They carry hope and tropical sunshine.  They carry the gentle Hawaii breeze, the thunderous force of 100 foot waves, the hopes and dreams of a better world.

GMO OMG Bellingham and FISHY Sugar Beet car

Last night in Bellingham Washington, I attended the Bellingham premiere of GMO OMG. At the Pickford Film Center.  Guess what I saw parked out in front of the theatre?


A Fishy Sugar Beet car! Here is more about the fishy food car campaign:

It was a wonderful turnout.  Sad for the several folks who were turned away…. but awesome that it was SOLD OUT! DSC_0264

Adrienne Battis from Bellingham COOP and Steve Crider from Amy’s Kitchen  below. Steve explained during the panel discussion that the reason that frozen pizza you buy in a store will be labelled whereas Pizza in a restaurant won’t is because food service doesn’t require food to be labelled.  Food service is a separate category.  Why would we ask for labelling where there isn’t? We don’t want to complicate our lives.  Just like we don’t require restaurants to label ingredients on the menus.

Yes on 522 has simple GMO labelling guidelines.  For human food.  Bought in the store.

DSC_0262In addition to NON GMO popcorn, I was pleased to find fair trade organic chocolate for sale.  Yay Pickford Cinemas


Sara Southerland, for Sustainable Connections  Sara drove the Fishy Sugar Beet car!  That’s about as cool as it gets.

Terence of Barlean’s Organic Oils

They endorse YES on 522!


Courtney Pinneau and Caroline Kinsman of the  NON GMO  Project


Vote YES on 522!  Washington is poised to make history.

Eco Fashion Week 7th Edition day 2

Thanks to dear Eve I was given the impetus to attend EcoFashion Week.  Thanks to Jessica, I was given VIP tickets.  Merci beaucoup to both of you.  I attended the Value Village evening at this week’s Vancouver Eco Fashion week.  Going strong since 2009, Miriam Laroche organized Eco Fashion Week to create awareness and thought-provoking questions about our consumption.  This event was totally up my alley for those of you who familiar with Stephens’ Sisters Shopping Diet and Style-Diet Shot.  The evening was about re-purposing, recycling and upcycling. Below Myriam is dressed head to toe in Value Village.  She said that her dress was originally made in Italy by a chi-chi brand.  She looks fabulous.  DSC_1066

jessica with friends

(L to R) Carolynne Beaty of the Sitka Foundation, Leonard Schein of Festival Cinemas recently acquired by Cineplex, Dr Jaqueline Hudson, the only woman I’ve met who got to name a mountain, and the delightful Jessica Taylor

I got so many fantastic Style Diet Shots I am dying to show you.  But I must pace myself.  It will be an exercise in patience on my part!

Below are some pics of the runway, the theme of the evening was Value Village,  68 pounds is the amount (by weight) that the average North American throws away annually, in textiles. DSC_0038 DSC_0085DSC_0106 DSC_1142 DSC_0030

Salon solids

“The human body is the best work of Art’

– Jess C. Scott

I was perplexed to learn several years ago that our cosmetics, creams deodorants often contain carcinogens and hormone disruptors. I was alerted to this by a sign that said You Care About What You Put In Your Body but Not About what You Put on Your skin…. It’s been a few years of trying different products, especially since we moved from Europe. I’ve even got a recipe for home-made deodorant I’m waiting to try.


I recently met Sarah McCoy, creator of Salon Solids, at a Yes event for Washington’s 522 event. She is concerned about GMOs and Labelling issues. Our topic of conversation centred about hair care (she has lovely rich auburn locks) and she asked me what brand I used. “Oh,” I my chest puffing with pride said, I use Cancer Free Shampoo” I meant carcinogen free as advertised on the bottle – because it is DEA free. “I also use organic shampoos,” I added proudly, “you know ones with organic ingredients”.

The lovely Sarah McCoy nodded politely. Afterwards, she sent me the Environmental Working Group Assessment Skin Deep of products I’ve been using thinking they are safe. But they aren’t. Between the food and the cosmetics, it is any wonder that cancer is an epidemic. (Only 10% of cancers are genetic). 90% of cancers are coming from what we put in our bodies and what we put on our bodies.

I couldn’t believe it! Everything I’ve been using has toxins, carcinogens, reproductive disruptors blah blah blah…. Not one product I been using systematically scores low on the hazard scale. I went to the David Suzuki’s site. He concurs.

Everyone should avoid these toxins allowed in cosmetics. I can’t believe that the federal Government allows these products to be sold! Scratch that… The federal government allowed GMOs into our food supply after 3 month trials on rats. Instead of acting according the precautionary principle, our governments have been allowing toxic products into and onto our bodies.

WE must find out what is actually good for us, and not rely on government. We have to seek out the environmentalists, the activists, for information. I challenge you to go to the EWG site and plug in the ingredients from the shampoos sitting in your bathroom. Do it right now! Here’s the link You can search by Brand, product or ingredient.

Fortunately, Sara is the real McCoy and offers a products called Salon Solids. She was inspired to as a salon owner and stylist and concerned for her clients being exposed to synthetic toxins. Her products are free of Sodium Lauryl and Ammonium sulfates, isopropyl alcohol, sythetic fragrances, propylene glycol, butylene glycol, mineral oil, petroleum, DEA, MEA, DMDM Hydrantoin/Urea, Parabens and Talc.


What does the Salon Solids shampoo actually contain:

  • sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate
  • guar gum
  • orange peel oil
  • aloe barbadensis leaf juice
  • cocoa butter

All the ingredients in salon solids score low according to hazard levels of the environmental working group. I looked them up, using the EWG Skin Deep

Now what I also like about salon solids is that the shampoo comes as a dry package. This way you don’t pay for the water to be shipped around the country. (Another reason to avoid liquid soaps.) With salon solids you add hot water and presto you have shampoo! Plus you can reuse the bottle.

I’ve tried it, it’s easy. Why don’t you?

Evergreen Brickworks

“The stones were dancing now.  O yes, they were dancing.  But it was not hopping and skipping like jigs or reels, nor was it the dismal revolving of a ballroom.  Not a stone moved from its place, but they rocked and turned slowly and with the greatest of dignity, as if to say, ‘We are the lords of the earth and of the water.  We shall stand when all has gone.  We shall endure until better things come.  But what can be better than we?  So we shall endure forever.'”

– Robertson Davies, Harper of the Stones (1986)

The Evergreen Brickworks is a national charity and a top 10 geotourism destination (according to National Geographic) located outside of Toronto.  This former brickworks factory has become a symbol of successful re-purposing, of integrating ecology, design, technology, and the arts.  Phew that was a mouthful – just think about it.  But the spaces – mamma mia! Everything was photogenic here from the graffiti to the lake to the artisan studios.  Here is sample of photographs I took with my new Nikon.


DSC_0152 DSC_0151 DSC_0150

DSC_0132 DSC_0133



tout est possible

All is possible!