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This Earth is Ours is a song my Grandfather Rupert Stephens wrote in the 1950’s when he was organically farming berries at the Goldstream Berry Paradise with my grandmother Gwendolyn.  This version was released in the Spring of 2013.  Guitarist Adam Dobres accompanied me.  My dad Arran Stephens narrates a verse in the middle.

The SVD song is written by Michael Greenacre, with whom I’ve released several songs and the album ‘you, woman’ in 1999.  Michael wrote the SVD song in 2011 as a follow up to the Statistical Modelling Songs we first performed at the University of Barcelona.  Pianist Lisa Olive accompanied me.

In 2015, we three did a follow up to the SVD song, called…”The P-Value Song.”  It won second prize in the United States Conference On Teaching Statistics A-μ-Sing Competition! Michael Greenacre explains: The P-Value Song is a satire on the use and abuse of P-values in Statistics. The P-value is a measure of the risk taken in rejecting the so-called “null hypothesis” and thus coming to a substantive conclusion based on empirical data. If the P-value is less than 0.05, or 1 out of 20 (this value is chosen out of pure convention), then the risk of the conclusion being false is low and the result is deemed “statistically significant”. The song satirizes the idea that significance can be achieved merely by increasing the sample size, and that the P-value is often confused with the concept of effect size. “Everything is possible,… put your faith in the P!” is an illusion, although many researchers think this is the main objective of a study, to get low P-values! But low P-values are no panacea for small and possibly irrelevant effect sizes!” Geek out friends.

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