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Style-Diet Shot – Andra

“On matters of style, swim with the current. On matters of principle, stand like a rock.”

– Thomas Jefferson

Spending time around and about Rome these days, I’m continually surrounded by architectural, historical, cultural and sartorial beauty. Mamma Mia! I’m so overwhelmed, I hardly know where to start.  I post photos on instagram, I gush continually over the food and yesterday, I ran into charming Andra not too far from the Colloseum.

I told Andra about my blog and asked if I could take her photo.  I wanted to share her style of the day with you all.  Andra layered her greens delightfully: malachite earrings, sparklies in her necklace, the avocado handbag and the muddy forest of her dress. Like me, she strongly feels that clothes should be made without human sufferance. She is passionate about eating fruits and vegetables in season.  When I asked her about where her clothes came from she replied that she “was wearing boots made in Italy, from a roman producer. My handbag is made in Rome, in the small Sirni studio in via della Stelletta. My coat is an Italian brand of a guy in Veneto and it’s called Seventy and made in Italy.”

Andra colors changed

The Style-Diet Shot celebrates individuals with unique style, wearing at least one article of clothing acquired via the Stephens’ Sisters Shopping Diet. It must be local, sustainable, second-hand/re-purposed, inherited or ethically produced. If you can’t find clothing fitting that criteria then it must be from a country with stellar human rights records.