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My 7 year old vs GMOs

They say that at 7 years old, we humanoids commence the age of reason.

This is most certainly true of my youngest child, who turned seven this summer.

As we are at the end of Non GMO month, I thought I would share with y’all a funny incident that happened at the grocery store.  Funny haha and funny weird.  Funny embarrassing…   In the week following her revelation that GMOs cause cancer in rats I happened to take my 7 year-old daughter shopping.   As we walked up and down the aisles, she didn’t ask me about buying non-organic candy.  Nope. I was impressed. She passed by those non organic, GMO-laden cereals, bars, and cookies with resolve, without tugging at my sleeve.  For the first time, I wasn’t begged at either vociferously or silently with puppy-dog eyes.  As we made our way to the check-out, I caught a few wistful glances for those conveniently-placed impulse treats that this mom ain’t buying.

DSC_0829“Mom?” she asked as we were putting our groceries on the conveyor belt, “Can we make garlic bread tonight?”  Wow.  This was a promising development. Not sweets!  But I hummed and hawed.  I saw that there was no organic baguette left….  But as she had been so well-behaved, I was feeling inclined to reward her.  (Plus she was asking politely.) My hesitation was that although she wasn’t asking for sugar, at the same time the bread wasn’t organic.   Now wheat isn’t necessarily GMO but it was found contaminated in Oregon.  But even if it were certified GMO free, not being organically produced, wheat is sprayed with toxins such as desiccants.  Again not being labelled, well…. who knows?

As I deliberated with myself she was looking at me, time-ticking, people tapping their toes behind us in line…. I thought about it. I do allow her to eat Pizza at school.  That being one of many exceptions to the rule.  Why not make her fresh garlic bread? Garlic from our garden, fresh organic butter?  “Sure. But you have to get it quick because these lovely folks are waiting.”  I smiled at the lovely folks.

Off she dashed off to the baguettes (it’s a small store) and came back breathless wielding her trophy.


She nodded enthusiastically grinning ear to ear.

I gave a half-smile. But – I could see little wheels turning in her perplexed face.

“Mom?” she asked, “Does the baguette contain GMOs?”

I sighed, nodded and shrugged.  “Why do you think that I didn’t want you to have it?”

She seized the baguette and violently pushed it aside, indignation heaving her little frame.

“WHAT??!! ,” she yelled for all those lovely folks to hear, “D’YOU WANNA GIMME CANCER!!!?”

gmo omg tee cute kids

Talk about absorbing things.

These are situations I didn’t face with my older daughter when she turned ‘the age of reason.”  Why?  Because we were living in Italy, where GMOs are labelled.  In parts of Europe they even have mandatory labelling of toxic pesticides.  64 countries have mandatory labelling of GMOs.  Canada and the US are the only two developed nations without mandatory GMO labelling laws.  A non-profit organization exists  in N. America called the Non-GMO project, of which Nature’s Path was a Founding Member.  But it is voluntary.  Food can contain other agricultural toxins and residues which are harmful to kids and adults alike can still be Non-GMO verified because they don’t have GMOs.  The Certified Organic seal, on the other hand has both zero tolerance for GMOs plus it is grown sustainably.  So when your food is Certified Organic and Non-GMO project verified, you can be truly confident in feeding it to your kids.


Certified Organic is the best we have apart from growing your own food.  To truly help your children grasp the everyday miracle of life, why don’t you try your hand at gardening?  If you weren’t fortunate enough to grow up with an organic gardener, there are plenty of people and organizations out there willing to lend you helping hand!  Partake in the symphony of the soil, earthworms wriggling in the healthy compost, drip lines and succulent home-grown berries. In my home, after much trial and error (after moving continents), we are just at the tail end of our Fall crop of golden raspberries.  We have plucked green tomatoes, ripening on the window sill in the kitchen, plus our year’s supply of garlic stored away.  To quote LA’s Gangsta Gardener, “Kids who grow Kale, eat Kale”.  You may wish to try a weekly box of produce from your local farm.  Many of them deliver right  to your door.  We started that when I was pregnant with my first child.

What parent doesn’t want to give their child the best chance for a healthy life?  The learning process may involve an embarrassing incident or two along the way. Such as at the grocery store now and again…  But this is the stuff which family legends are made of!  As Non–GMO month comes to a close, may we all choose systems that replenish the soil, support Biodiversity, and provide us with safe, healthy food.

Let us all make history together and make every month Non-GMO month!

(Note the tee-shirts are from Seedling kids.  Please see my post  https://thedeepersideblog.com/2013/10/03/style-diet-shot-seedling-kids/ for more info about this great little company)

Victoria’s Organic Box Delivery Guide

I love organic food being delivered to my kitchen door.

The best is when my husband or children run to the garden and come back with handfuls of kale or lettuce or carrots.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love going to farms and Farmer’s Markets and choosing my fruits and veggies when I can.  But when I can’t (which is most of the time), I get them delivered.

When we lived in London England in the late 1990s, we got an organic box delivered to our home.  I do admit to grumbling, washing off clods of Earth from potatoes and parsnips, carrots and leeks.  With time or with understanding that foods from the farms are best washed at the farm (why dump the soil down the drain instead of putting it back into the earth?), our experience in locally delivered vegetables and fruits has vastly improved.  A frequent complaint I hear from folks is that they don’t like being delivered food that they don’t like or can’t bribe their kids to eat (rutabaga? Jerusalem artichokes? Brussel sprouts?).  Fear not, with sophisticated websites and the ability to avoid food few in your household will eat, that has changed as well.  The options are incredible!

For my local Victorians, I wanted to tell you about GoBox Organics, a new delivery service on the block and also give you a guide of where to look to get Healthy fresh Organic Foods delivered to your door.  I could have used a guide like this when I first arrived.

Hope it’s helpful!

GoBox Organics. I know Megan Parris to have one of the Greenest thumbs around.  She could probably turn a GMO plant organic!  (That is a joke in case you’re wondering.  GMO seeds are altered at the DNA level to either express a toxin to repeal pests and/or to be resistant to dangerous, toxic and unsustainable pesticides.  Furthermore, GMO seeds are also genetically engineered to not reproduce, forcing you to buy seeds often, paying royalties for the patent on life.  I won’t talk about food democracy but look it up.)  Megan, a trained and gifted chef, used to run the Popular Cook’s Day Off catering with her sister and is now providing certified organic farm fresh food and groceries too.  She is committed to service and quality and organics.  She told me that although there are local farms which seem great, she only will bring you foods from farms that have Organic Certification.  Farmers have to keep meticulous records, she told me.  If they are organized farmers, getting the Organic Certification is not complicated   http://www.goboxorganics.com/

Share Organics came highly recommended when we moved to Victoria.  We tried it, it was great and have since spread the word to many others.  Susan is active, reinforcing Organics and non-GMOs at every turn.  She was even giving out organic apples at the March Against Monsanto Victoria. http://www.shareorganics.bc.ca/

My friend Jenny swears by Saanich Organics.  Her husband’s family has a farm, so if Jenny likes it, you’re sure to like it too. http://saanichorganics.com/

Spud has been at it since 1997.  They are based in Vancouver and provide great service and quality products.  http://www.spud.ca/

Green Earth Organics looks like another great option in a cornucopia of choices.  I haven’t tried them before but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.  https://victoria.greenearthorganics.com/

The Good Food Box is a non-profit scheme.  Not fully certified organic though. http://thegoodfoodbox.ca/

I want this to be a definitive guide to Victoria’s Organic Box Delivery Schemes.  Please let me know if I’ve missed one or things change.

Certified organic food is the gold standard.  Foods bearing the Canada Organic Seal can be trusted.  Organic is a legal definition and a traceable system with the force of law behind it.  Organic means no GMOs.  GMOs have never been allowed in Organic agriculture ever.  I want to say just trust me on this, my family has been fighting to keep it that way for years.  But don’t take my word for it, look it up and educate yourself, your family and your friends.

I’ve heard people say, “Oh, how do I really know if it’s organic”.  First of all, I’m sure we all know people who are allergic to pesticides.  I am sad to say that I know more than a couple.  A girl in my daughter’s school has an immediate hive reaction to non-organic foods.  She’s like a human litmus test.  Ask around, maybe you know someone who can tell you if organic foods really have pesticides or not.  If in doubt, visit your farms and find out what they are growing and how they are growing it.  Organic farmers are happy to share their knowledge.  They are proud of what they do.

Organic Farmers are heroes purifying our planet, our bodies and our taste-buds.

I am proud of them too.