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If Music Be the Food of Love…

After a long absence, I would like to share with you a Christmas song I recorded with my friend Rachel Haisell. My big one Diya made and uploaded this little video of us in time for Christmas.  It’s a personal favorite: Silent Night while playing the bowls.


The post-amble: this summer I acquired two amazing Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls and have been playing them nearly every day. They are eerie, uncanny, beautiful, otherworldly.


They are made in Utah where pure quartz crystals are baked twice in a centrifugal kiln at thousands of degrees.  On the second firing, they are infused with precious metals and minerals such as amethyst or smoky quartz or gold. From what I understand, this particular technology is only about 20 years old. No two bowls are the same. Like the ancient Tibetan bowls, the Crystal Alchemy bowls sing and resonate with myriad overtones with the slightest touch of the ‘wand’ or ‘excitor.’ Singing on top of them creates even more overtones making keeping in pitch a bit of a challenge. Singing a duet with them is especially fun. When I first heard them, they reminded me of sitting in the middle of a massive church organ. (I did that a lot when I sang in different churches in Barcelona in the 1990s). These beautiful bowls vibrate at so many frequencies, so intensely and powerfully.  The sounds seems to go on forever. And they are inspiring.

Indeed, they have inspired me to record and to write a post for the first time in a long time.

May beautiful sound and light be with you as we head into a New Year full of endless possibilities.

Peace and love,