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On Mange Bien a Paris

“There is no Sincerer Love than the love of food.”

– George Bernard Shaw

Below are images from a typical summertime family lunch in Paris.  Fresh almonds, fresh figs, Chanterelle or Girole mushrooms, ratatouille, the sweetest juiciest melons ever, salade de tomate et mozzarelle, and sweet -not spicy – radish.

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The French have a wonderful cuisine, due, in large part, to regional specialities.  Just like accents change every 20 or so kilometers, so does the food.  Like wine, as the terroir changes, so do the subtleties of flavor.   For everything.  Each town has at least one speciality cheese made only in that town, by a farmer or producer who is damn proud of his cheese.  And he has the right to be. Ben Oui! It’s the pride in diversity, the celebrated differences which make France a culinary haven.  Vive les diferences!  Vive la France!

On this trip, I learned about a group in France called “Les Faucheurs de OGM”.  The GMO harvesters.  The faux is a scythe.  The faucheurs are activists/eco-terrorists who clandestinely organize to destroy GMO crops.  This happened in the United States for the first time this Spring.  This event didn’t hit mainstream media, so you may not have heard about this.  I do not condone eco-terrorism.  However, the misguided mono-crop culture that GMOs embody is the absolute opposite of a healthy, thriving ecosystem.   GMOs are the death of diversity.  GMOs are grown with huge amounts of pesticides and herbicides which destroy life, poison the water, poison us, and deplete the soils.

The French have much to protect.

So do we all.