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Lie-Detector Test

The Grocery Manufacturer’s Association, who was sued by Washington State’s Attorney General for hiding their campaign contributions has cut a check for another 3 million dollars. This brings the total contribution to No to over 21 million. These corporations are fighting hard to keep consumers in the dark. Desperate to win, they are blitzing the airwaves, trying to confuse consumers, convincing them that the GMO labelling measure isn’t strong enough. But Initiative Yes on 522 to label GMOs complies with international labelling laws. It’s also endorsed by Consumer’s Reports who have meticulously studied the matter (as Consumer Reports tends to) and say that costs wont increase for putting 5 words on the ingredients panel.

Who will succeed? It’s up to each and every one of us. Please support Yes on 522 so they can continue to run ads.  Make calls, donate to the campaign if you are able.  Send your happy vibes, post on FB your support.  We need to win this for the rights of consumers all over North America.

Click here to know more about what you can do http://yeson522.com/

I trust Consumer Reports

Dr Michael Hansen senior scientist from the Consumer’s Union (Consumer’s Reports) says Labelling Bill 522 makes sense for Consumers.  I love Consumer Reports.  They are a champion for consumer information. They endorse 522.  The list keeps growing and growing.  I see awareness spreading – it’s going Viral!  From the 350 000 Washingtonians who signed the petition putting this measure on the ballot to Consumer Reports to those just starting to understand that labelling is a first step for consumer rights.