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The Renewable Energy Song

My long-time friend and collaborator Michael Greenacre wrote the song “Water Wind Sun & Sea” in 2012. Michael has much spent time in the Arctic in the capacity of Scientist (in addition to piano playing, much to the delight of Northern Norweigans).  Engaging first-hand in the research from Biologists on climate change, he was moved to do something.  So he wrote a song!  My daughter Diya recorded it and we posted the video of it onto youtube this weekend.  So without further ado, I present to you the result!

This was a collaboration of many friends who volunteered their talents and vigour on screen: Isha, Anna, Anne, Emma, Federica, FJ, Hanna, Na’ia, Sophia, Tate, Thea, Zoe. Off screen the talents were filmographer Art Makosinski, Videographer Don Chaput, Chek News studio donated by Bill Pollock, video props by Pascal Courty. The animator Miray Özcan in Turkey and Françoise Greenacre in Barcelona were simply essential!  Voices recorded at 1 Ton Studios, Victoria, by Wynn Gogol. Music recorded in Barcelona: Electric Guitar (Santi Careta), Electric Bass (Jordi Blanes), Electric Piano (Arecio Smith), Hammond Organ (Michael Greenacre), Saxophone (Marcelli Bayer), Drums (Antonio Torres and Santi Serratosa).  Mixed by Dave Bianchi at the Emergency Room Studio, Barcelona.

This was a coming together of so many different nationalities, cultures and languages.  It was like a mini UN summit – except that most of us never met the others in person.  If we can urge, spur each other on, mirroring the change we want to be, change will happen!


Water Wind Sun and Sea, by Michael Greenacre

I looked down from the mountain, down to the valley,
River was running swift and strong, down to the sea.
Papa Newton realized when the apple fell from the tree,
There’s a lot of water power in the force of gravity!
So why are we still burning coal when there’s Water, Wind, Sun and Sea!

Driving through the barren south, what there did I see?
On every hill, a tall windmill, turning steadily,
Like ballet dancers they move their arms so gracefully,
Wind comes up, turbines turn, and it’s all for free!
So why are we still burning coal when there’s Water, Wind, Sun and Sea!

Brother sun gives life on earth to animal, plant and tree,
Radiating heat and light on and on naturally,
So much more we can take by man’s ingenuity,
Silver sheets face to the skies making electricity!
So why are we still burning coal when there’s Water, Wind, Sun and Sea!

Sister moon also plays her part, affecting ocean and sea,
Tide goes out, tide comes in, that I can guarantee,
Just put something in its path, then you’ll have energy,
Learning from nature is the key: you just have to agree!
So why are we still burning coal when there’s Water, Wind, Sun and Sea!

You Woman Back in Barca

“If music be the food of love, play on”

– William Shakespeare

you woman poster upf w Diya FINAL

The You Woman Group is reuniting for the first time since 2008!  We are giving a concert in Barcelona on July 5th playing music from our new CD, “Below the Surface”  The album will be released in December and features the original songs of Michael Greenacre and the guitar of Santi Careta.  “Below the Surface” continued in the vein of the original ‘you, woman’ album from 1999.  Special guest is singer Karol Green.  Xavier Calsamiglia, grandson of Catalan composer Manel Blancafort will introduce us.  This event is sponsored by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona Spain.  Pompeu Fabra is one of the top Universities in Europe and certainly the leading Spanish university.

We will also be performing ‘Water Wind Sun and Sea’ for the first time ever, debuting Diya who sings and stars in the videoclip.  This videoclip of “Water Wind Sun and Sea” will be shown for the first time as well.  This song and video aims to promote sustainable energy.  At a time where the Canadian government hands subsidies of a billion dollars to Big Oil, why not take that money and invest it in clean energy?  A statistician, Michael has worked with scientists and biologists on climate change.  This inspired the song.  The fossil fuels that are burned go straight in to the ocean as the ocean is the world’s largest carbon “sink”.  This causes acidification of the water and is destroying ocean life at the fastest rate since the last mass extinction.  Let’s harness that energy, let’s sing and dance and encourage us all and our governments to invest the big bucks in clean energy and infrastructure.  We know the answer, we know the solution to climate change.  We will make it happen.  Together.

If you book your travel now, you could still make it with time to spare!